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About Us

To be the world’s realest connection to the rawest music and exclusive entertainment.

WJXN is a commercial radio station licensed to Jacksonville, Florida, and serving the globe. It airs an urban contemporary radio format and is owned by 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions, Inc. The studios and offices are on Southside in the Arlington Industrial neighborhood.

"The Internet #1 Source For Urban Music & News". "Our Radio Station News is the #1 source of truth". WJXN 109.3 is an online Urban music and news site that’s taking the world by storm with its Hard-hitting, content from Urban Music Artists, Live Events, and Music Enthusiasts. The undeniable success of WJXN 109.3. has garnered millions of page views since it launched in, 2019. We do what we do. We play what we play. We love what we love"

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Our Story

Formed in 2019 by the members of 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions, the plan was simple.

Becoming the world’s go-to resource for the greatest music, talk radio,

and entertainment is the main goal of WJXN 109.3 92RAW4RADIO).

Placing the artist, sponsors, and advertisers together in one platform to thrive and grow together while helping each other maximize exposure to the masses. 
Urban Music with music news, blogs, global news, podcasts, and more.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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